Monday, 3 August 2020

Alat Uji Lentur Beton Fluxural Test

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Alat Uji Lentur Beton Fluxural Test (Hydraulic Concrete Beam Testing Machine)

alat yang khusus digunakan untuk menguji sampel balok beton (beam mould) dalam pengujian kuat lentur/patah beton dalam pengujian beton jembatan

Spesifikasi :

Hydraulic Concrete Beam Testing Machine Digital
"For determining the flexural strength of concrete beam by using a simple beam with third point loading. 250 kN cap.manometer reading, sample size 15 x 15 x 60 cm, welded steel construction"

JC-350 "Dimension (l x w x h) : 100 x 50 x 100 cm
Gross Weight : 170 kg"
Pump : hydraulic electric pump
Sample : size 15 x 15 x 60 cm
Construction : welded steel
Reading : ADR Digital
Supplied completed with Calibration Certificate

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